Onze (fr: Õz) Marketing (Märkiting):
A newly merged marketing and promotions company based out of South Florida, USA. With over 40 years of combined experience in the publishing, photography, creative design, advertising and print communication industries. We combine the above mentioned with the psychology of business growth and development to provide excellent service and quality products to our customers. Onze Marketing believes that creating personal bonds with clients is necessary to understand their specific needs so every cent is spent wisely and efficiently. We are always implementing better, more innovative ways to help you reach your target audience. Onze Marketing also prides itself on its highly efficient and creative, production sourcing and research teams. Our friendly and talented staff members add a family feeling when doing business with your company. Our service does not end with the billing process, nor does it begin with a quote. We like to begin our relationships with a friendly smile and warm welcome and back up our services every step of the way even long after the project is completed.